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Rudolph Capital Announces Second Acquisition

Rudolph Capital acquires Chemart Company

Chemart is an excellent fit for the Rudolph Capital portfolio. It is a company with an esteemed history that was looking to maintain its "family held" approach when transitioning from the founding family.

Rich Rudolph

Rudolph Capital announces the acquisition of Chemart Company, Inc.

Rudolph Capital has acquired Chemart Company, a custom manfacturer of premium brass Christmas ornaments. Located in Lincoln, RI, Chemart has over 150 employees and is a leader in the market serving non-profit and retail customers throughout the United States. The company is best known as the exclusive manufacturer of the White House Christmas ornament, an annual tradition since 1981 and used to support the maintenance of the building and educate the public on the history of the President's house. Proudly, the company manufacturers all of its products in the USA.

The company was founded by Richard Beaupre, a talented chemcial engineer that developed numerous proprietary processes to produce the high quality products sold today. The founders' sons took the base business and were able to grow it into new markets, making it the dominant player it is today. Rudolph Capital is excited to be participating in this next stage of growth with Chemart.


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