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Acquiring Family

Owned Companies

Who We Are
Trust. Patience. Honesty.
From a partner that truly appreciates how much and how many it took to build.
Trimark USA
"A meeting turns into a 20 year relationship. Dedicated and smart." 
                     Bob Halpern
                     President (retired)
Professional Plumbing
"Honest, fair and understands what makes us tick.  A true friend." 
                     Lloyd Coppedge
                     President (retired)
Electron Beam Technologies
"Hardworking, trustworthy and cares about our people." 
                     Paul Wlos
                     President (retired)
"Constructive, rolls up his sleeves and calm in the face of adversity." 
                     Rick Herr
Indo European Foods
"Always listening and respectful.  A true leader and good friend." 
                     Albert Bezjian
                     President (retired)
Connecticut Color
"Constructive, rolls up his sleeves and calm when there is pressure." 
                     Rick Herr
Metals Technology
"Straight-forward and honest approach.  A great sounding board."  
                     Jerry Bell
                     President (retired)
United Brass
"Resourceful and understanding of our markets and team." 
                 Mike Berkelhammer
Specialty Baking
"Supportive and willing to adjust when the circumstances dictate." 
                      Paul Durlacher
Portuguese Baking Company
"Remembers that it is all about people.  A valued confidante." 
                      Luis Periera
                      President (former)



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