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Rudolph Capital Announces First Acquisition

Rudolph Capital acquires DeIorio Foods, Inc.

We are excited to launch our new firm with the acquisition of DeIorio Foods, Inc. With 95 years of history, it is a perfect fit for us and the management team has very successfully positioned the company for future growth.

Rich Rudolph

Rudolph Capital announces the acquisition of DeIorio Foods, Inc.

Rudolph Capital has acquired DeIorio Foods, Inc., a manufacturer of specialty frozen dough for the pizza industry. Located in Utica, NY, DeIorio has over 200 employees and is a leader in providing specialty frozen pizza doughs to numerous foodservice and retail customers throughout the United States and Canada. Their demand for exceptional quality by using only the highest quality ingredients combined with an absolute attention to customer service has resulted in continued success. New growth opportunities in specialty items such as gluten free, organic, and plant based products are showing tremendous potential.

Rudolph Capital is excited to be participating in this next stage of growth with DeIorio.


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